Bar Manuals

Cocktail Currency bar manuals are the most comprehensive documents in the hospitality industry. Our bar manuals include extensive training and development specific to zone bartending, conducting transactions, product line, pricing structure, service well, speed rail, back bar and beer cooler bottle placement, but this is just the beginning. Unlike other generic bar manuals creating a foundation for failure, our bar manuals go above and beyond reflecting meticulous attention to detail including acceptable and unacceptable standards of bartending, personal appearance, uniforms, proactive bartending, sequence of service, suggestive selling, up selling, cash handling, credit card preauthorization, check presentation, drink making, drink delivery, anatomy of a cocktail, shot recipes, drink recipes, glassware, ice, garnishes, garbage cans, service well operations, shift responsibilities and tip pooling. We create and customize bar manuals specific to your bar program, nightclub or restaurant. LEARN MORE

Bartender Training

We provide comprehensive bartender training and testing for restaurants, bars, lounges, hotels, casinos, cruise ships and nightclubs. Our bartender training program has two components: Auditing and Customizing. Cocktail Currency bar consultants audit your current bartender training material then customize it to reflect your bar. Customization includes: product and pricing information documents specific to your liquor, beer, wine and champagne, standardizing 25 shot recipes, standardizing 25 cocktail recipes, opening bartender checklist, mid-shift bartender checklist, closing bartender checklist, nightly cleaning calendar, weekly cleaning calendar, monthly cleaning calendar, service well bottle placement diagram, speed rail bottle placement diagram, back bar bottle placement diagram, reach in beer cooler bottle placement diagram, alcohol awareness, up selling, cash handling, discipline, dress code, customer contact points, customer line of sight, beverage handling, zone bartending and pour testing. LEARN MORE

Bar Manager Training

Cocktail Currency provides management training and development programs for entry level managers, floor managers, opening managers, closing managers, lead bartender, bar managers, assistant general managers, general managers, directors, regional directors and owners. We customize our management training program specific to your individual positions. Our position specific training includes pre-shift templates, opening manager checklist, mid-shift manager checklist, closing manager checklist, health department checklist, cash reconciliation template, labor cost, employee scheduling, inventory, ordering, receiving, job descriptions, incident report documentation, position responsibilities and proactive vs. reactive management techniques. LEARN MORE

Product Education

Cocktail Currency provides comprehensive liquor, beer, wine and champagne training. Our product education program includes custom training and testing material specific to your bar, restaurant or nightclub. Custom education includes 25 shot recipes based on product mix popularity, 25 cocktail recipes based on product mix popularity, liquor guides, beer, guides, wine guides, champagne guides, pricing and designated bottle placement diagrams. We document absolutely everything about your beverage program. LEARN MORE

10 Point Bar Operation Audit

Cocktail Currency conducts the most comprehensive bar operation audits in the hospitality industry. Our bar operation audits examine your bar operations, bartender performance, health department compliance, service sequence, cash handling sequence and standard operation procedures. We analyze liquor bottle placement, communication pipeline and service well operations. LEARN MORE

Forensic Accounting Audit

Cocktail Currency consultants harbor disdain for theft. If someone is stealing, we can catch them but that's not enough. Our forensic accounting enhances auditing by documenting and demonstrating theft, cash handling, tip misappropriation, credit card manipulation and money laundering. Our forensic accounting includes 365 day POS reporting analysis, cash due discovery, actual cash deposit vs. cash due contrast, comp discovery, void discovery and over tip discovery. If you are missing money, we can find it, track down who took it, demonstrate how it was taken then help prevent it from happening again. LEARN MORE

Pricing & Profitability Audit

Cocktail Currency bar consultants believe bar math is the foundation for success in the bar business. Hospitality professionals, casino executives, nightclub management companies and restaurant owners all agree net profit is the by product of success. It's not enough to audit your liquor, beer, wine, and champagne product line and pricing structure. Our profitability audit calculates your cost per ounce, portion cost, cost percentage, profit and gross profit margin per bottle. Our bar consultants examine your current pricing structure then calculate profitability per cocktail. LEARN MORE

Signature Cocktail Creation

Cocktail Currency bar consultants specialize in cocktail creation, mixology and menu development. If you are looking for vodka, rum, gin, tequila, whiskey, classic, champagne, mule, summer, winter, fall, signature, wedding, smoke infused or charcoal activated cocktails, look no further. LEARN MORE

Inventory Set Up

Cocktail Currency provides extensive hands on inventory consulting. We go beyond consulting and actually participate in taking inventory with your operations team. Afterwards, we run a 365 day product report by item and conduct a volume analysis to determine depletion rates per bottle so we can recommend product line reduction or expansion. Our bar consultants will establish par based on demand and depletion, create order and receiving guides, provide inventory instructions, coach management, establish hot item risk management triggers or implement new inventory software. LEARN MORE

New Concept Consulting

Cocktail Currency bar consultants will collaborate and combine your concept with operational insight. We will conduct extensive market research, identify your direct and indirect competitors then discover their strengths and weaknesses. Your new concept brand positioning will exploit their weakness while mitigating their strength. Additional new concept services include financial forecasting, business plans, investor pitch decks, management company structure, logo creation, collateral development, website building, and social media activation. LEARN MORE

Turnaround Consulting

Cocktail Currency turnaround and rebranding provides immediate stabilization. Our bar consultants will participate in operations while implementing standard operating procedures and creating cash handling, cocktail production, cost control and inventory systems. We will create a critical path establishing a time line, deliverables, milestones, metrics for success and exit strategy. LEARN MORE

Social Media Consulting

Cocktail Currency provides both social media consulting and activation. We employ Preston Rideout's Build, Engage, Growth strategy used by Jon Taffer from Bar Rescue on Spike TV. Implementing this strategy will fuel a social media explosion. Our services include opening, operating, optimizing and populating your social media channels with content, realtime  mention monitoring and reputation management. LEARN MORE

Human Resource Documents

Need help with human resources? Let us write your employee handbook training manuals and create testing material. We provide job descriptions, guidelines, standard operating procedures and discipline documents. Our bar consultants can create systems for point of sale training, cash handling, risk management, alcohol awareness, loss prevention and workplace violence.  LEARN MORE

Development and Training

Cocktail Currency bar consultants excel in team member development and training. We provide one on one owner, management, bartender, bar back, server, security and door training. Our hands on approach to operations is your foundation for success. Do, Show, Tell is how we train. Our development is based on Bar Principles by Preston Rideout including bar math, cocktail profitability, break even, labor, pour cost, ordering, inventory, cash handling, cocktail production, recipe codification, pour testing, portion cost effects on profitability, cocktail consistency, customer line of sight, teamwork and integrity.  LEARN MORE

Critical Path To Success

Cocktail Currency Critical Path Consulting is your cornerstone for success in the bar business. Our critical paths are custom specific to your bar. Each critical path creates a time line for execution, measures success by establishing milestones, assigns responsibility.  LEARN MORE